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MOOCAH Psychedelic Chocolate Bar – A Unique Journey for Your Senses!

Experience these bars, carefully crafted with a proprietary blend of Nootropic mushrooms, designed to transform in the body, bringing forth a psychoactive experience.

A Proprietary Nootropic Blend to Elevate Your Mind's Capacity with Vigor. Delight in the exquisite taste of sumptuous chocolate while unlocking amplified cognitive potential.

Crafted with a meticulously curated selection of natural nootropic ingredients, Moocah's potent formulation becomes your gateway to amplified focus, memory, and creativity.

Experience an elevated realm of mental lucidity and productivity, bidding farewell to mental haze and embracing peak cognitive performance. Each bar is meticulously fashioned using premium elements, ensuring unwavering excellence and a gratifying snacking encounter that delivers a substantial impact.

Moocah seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, offering a rejuvenating mid-afternoon lift or an invigorating surge of cognitive vitality as required. Boasting scientific validation and a devoted customer base, Moocah harmonizes delectable flavor with cognitive augmentation that sets it apart. Ignite your cognitive brilliance with every bite of Moocah.


Please note, this is distinct from Amanita Muscaria.

This product is intended solely for spiritual and educational purposes.

For a subtle microdose, begin with 1-3 pieces. For a more perceptible effect, opt for 3-6 pieces. For experienced users seeking a heroic dose, consider 7+ pieces. Each bar comprises 12 pieces, offering an extraordinary adventure in every bite.